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Oula Participates in Kuwait Motor Show 2018


Oula Participates in Kuwait Motor Show 2018 at 360 Mall


Kuwait, January 2018


For the fourth consecutive year, Oula is co-sponsor of the Kuwait Motor Show 2018, which will be held from January 18 to 27 at 360 Mall, organized by EPR.

The Kuwait Motor Show, the largest car event in the country, is the only car show in Kuwait, and witnesses the participation of the most famous international brand names through the authorized car agencies in the local market, to showcase all models of 2018, in addition to unveiling the cover of some of the most important cars of the year For the first time in the Kuwaiti market.

The marketing and public relations supervisor of the Oula Company, Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Rais, affirmed Oula Fuel's keenness to participate in these special events and occasions in order to meet the needs of its customers, by offering a range of special offers on fuel shipping cards and car wash service, inviting all visitors to the exhibition to visit Corner your company and take advantage of these offers.