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Oula: Soon Opens Salmiya 5th Ring Road Station


The 18th Multi-Service Station


Soon, Oula will reopen the Salmiya station to customers after it has been fully renovated


Kuwait, March 2018


Oula Local Fuel Marketing Company announced the near re-launch of the refueling service at Salmiya Station located on the Fifth Ring Road, after the completion of the renovated works in the fuel area. The Oula Company closed the Salmiya station for a comprehensive development of the station according to its plan to convert all Its stations to typical.

Commenting on the re-opening of the station, Eng. Adel Al-Awadhi, CEO of the company, said: "At Oula, we are keen to commit to the development of gas stations and provide additional services such as the central market and washing machine service to be the number of stations that have been fully developed to serve 18 valued customers”.