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Oula Seals a Deal with Bisher & Kazmi


Al-Bisher and Al-Kazemi: Commercial Vehicles Conclude Sale of Actros 2019 Deal with Oula for Fuel Marketing


Kuwait, April 2018


Abdulrahman Al-Bishr and Zaid Al-Kazemi, the authorized general distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and vehicles in Kuwait, announced a sale with Oula Company to market fuel for a number of all new Actros 2019 trucks for the first time in Kuwait for use in the work of transporting fuel and petroleum products between its gas stations and its facilities.


Commenting on the all-new Actros and commenting on the event, Ralf Gayer, General Manager of Commercial Vehicles and Daimler Buses at Abdulrahman Al Bishr and Zaid Al Kazemi, said: `` Mercedes Benz Actros is the perfect solution to meet the huge demand for advanced, reliable and durable trucks, reflecting an update. For the success story of Mercedes Benz in the field of manufacturing heavy trucks

“Mercedes-Benz trucks have been known for their long-standing specifications. They are the reason why they have earned them worldwide reliability, low operating costs and strong durability.

These features are further refined in the all-new Mercedes-Benz Actros series, attracting attention with its highly advanced transmission system, comfortable front cabins and a wide range of models suited to individual market demands. The all-new truck design is suitable for transportation uses.

Thanks to its wide advantages, the truck meets long-distance transportation needs, as well as heavy-duty transport and distribution tasks within a short range. This truck offers great benefits due to its efficiency, reliability and high durability.

Together with Oula, which we are proud to be a strategic partner in the Kuwaiti market, we have ensured that the trucks have the highest safety specifications and that the all-new Actros trucks are rated as the safest trucks ever made thanks to a number of available assistance systems, including a distance control assistant and a maintenance assistant. Track, side protection assistant, and many others.

The most prominent feature here is the Active Brake Assist 4, where this emergency system activates the maximum level of braking when necessary for complete stopping before hitting moving or stationary objects in the front and thus can save lives. The system also warns the driver of any impending collision with pedestrians, while at the same time doing partial braking.

Adel Al-Awadhi, CEO of Oula Fuel Company, said: “We are proud to select the all-new Actros trucks to be our first fleet to transport fuel and petroleum products. For our strong and constructive relationship, which we are always working to strengthen with our continued cooperation.