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Oula Participates in the Honoring of Excellent Stu


Oula Participates in the Honoring of Excellent Students of Farhan Al-Khaled High-School


Kuwait, April 2018


Oula Local Fuel Company in cooperation with the management of Farhan Al-Khaled High School for Boys honored outstanding students in the sense of social responsibility and encouragement and appreciation of the efforts they made to achieve this success.

"This initiative comes to support all segments of the Kuwaiti society, especially our outstanding students, and provide them with an incentive to continue their academic excellence as they are the future of the country and will bear the banner of development and construction," said Abdulaziz Al-Rais, Marketing and Public Relations Supervisor.

He added that the first thanks also to the Principal of Farhan Al-Khalid School, assistant principals and all teachers for their efforts to educate and care for their children students.