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Oula Reopens Salmiya 5th Ring Road Station


Oula Reopens Salmiya 5th Ring Road Station in a Record Time


Kuwait, May 2018


Oula Local Fuel Marketing Company announced the re-opening of the refueling service at Salmiya station located on the fifth ring road next to the roundabout after having been fully renovated within four months of the start of development.

On the reopening of the station, Eng. Adel Al Awadi, CEO of the company, said that “We are keen to provide the best service to our customers through stations that include many services, where the reopening of Salmiya station coincided with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan to be ready to serve our valued customers with new car service area and a central market”.

He added that the Oula fuel company has completed the development of nineteen stations and the company is moving forward in the implementation of its pioneering strategy to turn all its stations into a model to provide a number of value-added services to its customers according to their wish to enhance their experience with the gas stations and enrich them by providing a new concept and leading service.