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Oula Reopens Al-Nahda Station


Oula Reopens Al-Nahda Station


Kuwait, August 2018


Oula Local Fuel Marketing Company announced the opening of its station in Al-Nahda area (East of Sulaibikhat), where both internal and external infrastructures have been developed, which focused on raising efficiency and environmental safety through the installation of vapor recovery system, the second generation of vapor emission reduction systems. By recovering the vapors from the supply hose and from the vents of the tanks and re-condensing the tank under an appropriate cold temperature, which negates the environmental risks excellently, the development of the plant also included the establishment of a special room to collect fuel around the tanks in case of accident so as to preempt the dangers that can result from it.

Adel Al Awadhi, CEO of Oula, said: “At Oula, we are always keen to distinguish our customers with the best value-added services at the forefront, ensuring the protection of the environment to preserve their safety by operating the state-of-the-art vapor recovery system following global foundations and standards”.

Al-Awadhi stressed that «Oula» seeks to install this advanced system in all its stations in accordance with the terms of its strategic development plan, pointing out that the Salmiya fouth ring road is currently subject to development work and installation of the new system in addition to new services and facilities.