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During The Heavy Rainfall In Kuwait, Oula Stations


During The Heavy Rainfall In Kuwait, Oula Stations Were Fully Prepared To Serve Their Customers

Kuwait, November 2018
Oula Local Fuel Marketing Company is proud that all its stations operations served its customers during the rainy season in the country.
All stations have worked perfectly to serve their customers, except for three stations that have been closed for limited periods for an order beyond their control due to power-cuts or water collection by roads leading to the station.
Speaking on this subject, Eng. Adel Al Awadhi, CEO of Oula Fuel Marketing Company, is proud that all stations of the company were highly prepared and equipped to face any of these conditions, following the highest security and safety standards for customers and workers in stations.

In this regard, we extend our sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the team working at Oula, especially the workers at the stations and all government agencies that have provided a helping hand, including the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company, the Ministry of Works, the Ministry of Interior, Fire and the Ministry of Electricity and Water.