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Oula Organizes "Quraish" Ceremony For Its Partners


Oula Organizes "Quraish" Ceremony For Its Partners in Success


Kuwait, May 2018


Oula Fuel Marketing Company organized a "Quraish" ceremony for the success of investors and partners on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. The ceremony was attended by senior managers from Oula, led by Mr. Abdul Hussain Al Sultan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as partners and supporters of its successful career. The event was organized at the Regency Hotel.
During the ceremony, Mr. Abdul Hussain Al Sultan addressed the audience: “We are delighted to meet with you today to congratulate you first by the holy month, and to thank you for your cooperation with us and support our development process which has yielded positive results that we are proud of. The Kuwaiti company, especially after a series of achievements made by providing the best services in its stations, and modernize these stations to become multi-service stations to meet the requirements of customers and meet their ambitions".
He added: "We are striving to be the stations of the first destination for customers and therefore we have worked to improve investments to ensure this result by providing our stations with the latest global technology and we continue in this approach until all our stations are modernized and continue on the road to success.