Oula Cards

Oula is the first fuel service station brand in Kuwait to offer own range of account cards. Your Oulacard makes checkout in queues a thing of the past. Whether you are simply running your own car or managing a large corporate fleet, Oulacard is the easy way to control all your motoring expenses.

There's more about Oulacard than convenience and secure. Uniquely, it provides detailed information and controls your costs easily on your personal or corporate level.

Oulacard meets your needs.


For your convenience and peace of mind order your Oulacard and add credit in advance. Available in all the denominations, choose the amount you need, buy the card and go!

Oulacard makes every visit to our service stations convenient and rewarding.


Select payment option to recharge your Oula card.


Oula business card is the smart way to procure fuel for your company. Our automated billing system makes the payment process convenient and easy.


To check your card's statements and the transactions please click here to login.