oulaE Tag is powered by a state-of-the-art smart system that stands out not only in the field of fuel payment but also among the other services that offer at your oula station. Introducing an innovative payment method, oulaE Tag is a speedy, refueling, car wash and other services. Representing a more secure alternative for cash and debit cards ensures the safety, payment management and saving time.

At our service stations, we aim to provide our clients with first-class services that go far beyond refueling; among which are Car wash, Maintenance, Portarage for road emergency services, ProntoWash, Trolley, Fast food and Ooredoo Nojoom points redemption.

Why Choose oulaE?

• A faster, more secure payment method.

• Management of payments.

• Easy-to-use and more convenient solution.

• A detailed invoice is automatically sent to the user’s application.

• Social distancing is guaranteed.


Download oulafuel app via app store or play store and register (username & mobile number). Order to purchase your oulae tag from the company’s head office or via the call center 1800111 or through Qortoba card center.

Tap on oulae icon to view all details (transactions history, balance, recharge, tag number and personal information).


To recharge Oulae Tag please download Oula Fuel App from App Store or Google Play.


Oulae tag is the new most advanced payment method for smart fueling for your company. Our automated billing system makes the payment convenient and easy.


To check your OULAE statements and the transactions please click here to login.