Social Responsibility

Social responsibility constitutes an essential part of the missions, vision and values of “Oula” and reflects its commitment to the prosperity and preservation of society by reducing the negative impacts that may arise from its operations to the minimum possible extent.

"Oula" is always keen to intensify efforts aimed at strengthening the company's position towards society and customers in particular by maintaining the percentage of Kuwaitization in the company, whether in the main office or in stations, and in addition to continuing to participate and support of segments of society in various sectors of the country by carrying out many activities and events.

  1. Maintaining 100% Kuwaitization rate in all supervisory positions at Oula Fuel Stations.
  2. Contribution and participation in providing many sponsorships for the government and private companies in various projects.
  3. Contribution and participation in supporting many different projects for middle and high school students.
  4. Supporting a number of graduation projects for various colleges at Kuwait University.
  5. Participation and cooperation with Bait Abdullah Children’s Care, by providing gifts of (Gergaian) toys to sick children.
  6. Participating in the blood donation campaign and also supporting charitable organizations morally and financially.
  7. Visiting to the National Bank and Ibn Sina Hospital in (Al-Sabah Health area), in cooperation with the Social and Psychological Service Department, by providing gifts of “Eidya” toys for sick children in all wards.
  8. Conducting breast and prostate cancer awareness campaigns.
  9. Carrying out a national campaign to clean the Kuwait’s beaches.
  10. Cooperating with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency by providing media campaigns in all Oula stations.