Corporate Governance

Oula Fuel Marketing Company (K.S.C.P.) is characterized since its establishment in 2004 A.D with the principle of transparency and commitment to apply all decisions issued by the various regulatory authorities, headed by the highest standards and international standards for quality control and environmental safety (HSEQ-CoP) of Kuwait National Petroleum Company. After issuing the decision of the Capital Markets Authority in 2010 A.D and the amendments thereof, the management of the company supported and was keen to be one of the pioneers of the system, which will consolidate and strengthen the relationship between the various entities of the Board of Directors and stakeholders.

The company represented by the members of the Board of Directors and the executive body has drawn an organizational structure that would be compatible with the strategies of the company to achieve its objectives. These changes and new pattern created an internal audit mechanism through audit management and risk management. It also strengthened the principles of disclosure, transparency, proper systems of professional conduct, ethical values and respect for the rights of all shareholders and concerned people.